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Our program is designed as a continuum of care to meet the needs of our individual clients. At one end is an intensive Day Program and highly structured Adult Residential Facility, and at the other is an Independent Living Program. Clients may reside in one of our two Adult Residential Facilities, one of our three Independent Living Facilities or in the community to attend the day treatment.

All clients have access to five components of our program. They are:

    1. Psychiatric assessment and medication management
    2. Individual and family psychotherapy
    3. Behavioral and Goal oriented therapy
    4. Milieu and group therapy
    5. Independent living skills program

    Treatment Continuation

    Generally, clients entering Changing Options SD, Inc. will begin in one of the licensed Adult Residential Care Facilities and the Therapeutic Day Treatment Program, which allows for:

      1. Evaluation and assessment
      2. Stabilization
      3. Review of medications and symptoms
      4. Establishment of goals
      5. Treatment planning to address areas where growth or behavioral changes maybe indicated
      6. Developing therapeutic relationships
      7. Engagement into the program and groups
      8. Risk identification

      Clients then fall into one of the following three categories at the conclusion of the evaluation and assessment period, which takes a minimum of 30 days.


      1.  Remain in one of the licensed Adult Residential Facilities and Day Treatment program for a longer period of time until certain behavioral goals are reached,
      2. Remain in one of the Adult Residential Facilities and the Day Treatment program indefinitely as some clients are identified as needing long term care to maintain at their baseline; or
      3. Transition into one of the Independent Living homes.

        The main Adult Residential Facility is a 14-bed licensed facility with 24-hour awake staff. There is also a 6 bed Adult Residential Facility with 24-hour awake staff. Both of these facilities feed into the main Therapeutic Day Treatment Program 7 days a week. In addition, there are three Independent Living Homes offering a gradual transition from staff supported care to independent living. Transition from the Adult Residential care into independent living is dependent on the client’s ability to cope with their symptoms, to remain sober, to comply with medications and to follow the house rules and program structure, with less support and prompting.

        Day Programs Provided


        1. Licensed Adult Day Treatment
          1. Process groups
          2. Community groups
          3. Psycho-education groups
          4. Recreation Therapeutic groups
          5. Vocational Group
          6. Hobby groups and development
          7. Behavior modification with the goal of modifying behaviors for independent living
          8. Milieu therapy
          9. Individual therapy
          10. Social Work services
          11. Psychiatric assessment and medication management
          12. Outings
          13. In home work program


        1. Independent Living Skills
          1. Medication management
          2. Meny planning and cooking
          3. Time management
          4. Community resources such as transportation and banking
          5. Budgeting and financial management
          6. Computer skills
          7. Job skills including in town volunteering and/or work
          8. Recreational activities
          9. Vocational development
          10. Individual therapy
          11. Psychiatric assessment
          12. Groups within the Day Treatment Program

        Our continuum allows us to be fluid in our treatment planning. We have the ability to integrate clients into different groups regardless of their living arrangement and based on needs and abilities.

          Discharge Planning

          The key to the appropriate discharge planning is effective assessment and treatment planning. Discharge Options:


          1.  Long term care within Changing Options SD, Inc.’ continuum
          2. Community living with Case Management provided by Changing Options SD, Inc.
          3. Independent living
          4. Discharge to a more acute setting if demonstrated behaviors present a risk to the client or other
          5. Discharge to a community Adult Residential Facility (Board and Care)

          Who We Treat

          We work with clients that come to us with the following diagnoses:


          1. Psychotic/thought disorders such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and delusional disorder
          2. Mood disorders such as depression, mania, or bipolar disorder
          3. Anxiety disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, adjustment disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
          4. Childhood disorders persisting into adulthood, such as, attention deficit disorder and developmental disorders such as Asperger’s and learning disabilities.
          5. Co-existing diagnoses secondary to a major psychiatric diagnosis such as substance abuse and personality disorder
          6. Co-existing medical disorders, such as diabetes mellitus and physical disabilities, depending on the ability to ambulate.

          Clients admitted to Changing Options SD, Inc. must be between the ages of 18 and 59. Rare exceptions can be made to this in keeping with the Community Care Regulations. The program is voluntary, though clients on conservatorships or court involvement are accepted.

            Contact Us At:

            (760) 789-7299 | 500 Third Street, Ramona, CA 92065



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