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Changing Options SD, Inc. has been a blessing and a godsend to my niece and our entire family. I have seen her suffer diminished quality of life in many other settings, but she has had an opportunity to have a much better life in the care of Changing Options SD, Inc. Staff.

From the kind and competent Social Workers, who fight for the best care for their Residents, to the Caregivers who look after them (while encouraging independence), to the Doctors who see their Patients there, all perform their difficult and challenging jobs with love and care.

The Programs and Activities keep the Residents engaged, encourage healing, responsibility and independence, offer protection and appropriate boundaries and give them social and creative opportunities.

Though many of these complex diagnoses are treated and not yet cured, as long as our loved one is in their care, we have hope that she will have some quality of life, that she has a support system to lean on, that her needs are reasonably met, that she is given a place of understanding and protection and for that we are forever thankful and appreciative.

I pray that unless a cure is found and she can live independently that she will continue to be in their caring and competent hands and I am happy to give them my sincere recommendation.

Cindy N

I have a daughter who has battled schizophrenia for the past 25+ years. She has endured countless hospital stays, home care, locked long-term treatment centers, board and cares, homelessness and cycles of conservatorships. My daughter also does not accept that she is ill, thus, making it tougher to help her battle with symptoms.

Having been through the San Diego mental health care system for over 25 years before discovering Changing Options SD, Inc. this last two years, I finally feel at peace. Changing Options SD, Inc. offers a safe space, quality of life and mitigates my daughter’s worst symptoms.

Patti and her staff run a structured program that encourage clients to actively participate in self-care, daily life skills, social interaction, medication management and talk therapy. I am grateful for the compassion and wise leadership of Patti DeGuzman and the staff at Changing Options SD, Inc.. I feel that my daughter is in a safe place where she can receive the best care possible for our situation. I am deeply grateful for kind, compassionate and effective care for my daughter who lives with one of the most cruel illness afflicting the mind. She can now experience more quality of life.


Changing Options SD, Inc. has been a home to our son for 20 years — a safe home. We tried other places from which our son walked away or was discharged either because they expected more than he had to give or lacked the compassion our son needed in order to grow. Today he is happy and calls Changing Options SD, Inc. “home”. We love the caring and attentive staff that has consistently given our son all that he needs. God bless Changing Options SD, Inc..

Jerry & Pam

Changing Options SD, Inc. has been a savior for our family. Like many others in difficult situations, sometimes you don’t know where to turn. Fortunately, they were there and able to help us when we needed them most. The housing and programs have added a sense of stability and comfort to our family

Marc Blaushild

Changing Options SD, Inc. has looked after our troubled family member for over five years now. CO has had to deal with a myriad of mental and behavioral issues and they have treated our love one with care and compassion. Our family member has not been an easy client; I am grateful to them for not giving up and continuing to oversee the treatment and safety of our loved one.


Changing Options SD, Inc. has been a blessing to our family. The staff is very courteous, helpful, responsive and attentive. They are willing to help when I have questions about my loved one and offer advice when I ask for it as well. They are knowledgeable about keeping the clients safe and offer many programs and groups during the day to keep the clients engaged (whether they want to participate or not). Patti and her staff have been wonderful at keeping me up to date and quick to answer my needs whenever any have come up. I am grateful to have them a part of our extended family. Thank you Changing Options SD, Inc..

Janelle Struebing

Words can not express our deepest appreciation for the care and treatment my brother has received at Changing Options SD, Inc.. Our family was at a loss and so desperate to find help. Without Changing Options SD, Inc., which came highly recommended to us by a social worker, we know my brother would still be on the streets. We did not know of anyplace that would provide a safe, healthy environment and at the same time provide individual treatment plans and therapy like Changing Options SD, Inc.. As he has improved over time, he has graduated to independent living in a group home but yet still receives needed supervision and monitoring as well as participating in group activities.

Changing Options has alleviated a tremendous stress on our family and at the same time my brother  is doing very well, is stable and feels very good about his own situation. We are eternally grateful to Patti and her wonderful staff for providing a safe and caring place for my brother to live and thrive. We highly recommend Changing Options SD, Inc. and only wish that there were hundreds more facilities just like it to help families like ours.


Our daughter has suffered with mental illness most of her life. She has been seen by numerous doctors and been on many medications. In 2018, she suffered a major psychotic break and was hospitalized for a few weeks.

We decided that we could not deal with her at home any longer. She needed more supervision and structure than we could provide. We heard about Changing Options SD, Inc. and met with the staff. It seemed to have a program that suited our daughter’s needs.

The staff treats the clients with respect and patience, but also with a firm hand. There are expectations and responsibilities that are expected of the clients.

There are group meetings and activities everyday, appointments with a psychologist and psychiatrist as needed, chores that each client is responsible for and privileges to be earned.

Within a few weeks, our daughter was doing very well. She was more positive and interactive with staff and the other clients. After several months, she was moved into the Independent Living Program. She lives in a house with four other clients. They are responsible for getting themselves to the main house for programs, keeping their house clean and being respectful of each other. They do their own grocery shopping and cooking.

Our daughter is now a pleasure to be around. She has gained a greater sense of self and awareness of how her behavior affects others.

Changing Options SD, Inc. has certainly changed our lives and that of our daughter’s for the better.

Barbara Safrin

At 18, our son was diagnosed with a serious mental illness. For years, we tried to help him at home, but after numerous hospitalizations and troubles we realized that he needed more than we could give him. After several failed placements, it was our good fortune to find Changing Options SD, Inc.. He has lived there for the past 7 years where he has moved from closely supervised living to an independent living situation. We have enormously appreciated the way he is cared for by the staff. They treat him with respect and kindness; and he feels safe. They provide a good balance between structure and independence.

They are proactive and skilled when problems are brewing, and they consistently manage to keep us updated. On our most recent visit our son seemed more relaxed and happy. His only concern was that we get him back in time for his medications. Changing Options SD, Inc. has been a game changer. Our son seems comfortable and content. We sleep well knowing that he is safe and in
good hands.


Well this is the second time my son has been admitted to Changing Options SD, Inc. in Ramona. I do not remember the dates. The first time he was admitted he stayed at the main house for one year and then was moved to a home in Ramona where he was given his own room and he had a bicycle. He did excellent while he was with Changing Options SD, Inc. in Ramona, and I thought for sure he would stay off drugs after that. But, due County restraints, he had to move into to a Sober Living home in San Diego in Mira Mesa. Turns out the place he moved to the Mira Mesa area was a home where he had to share a room again. There were 8 people placed there that were in recovery also. He was free to come and go on occasion, and I was able to take him out to town also about once a week. Turns out most of the people in recovery were using again even in the home, and that led him to use again also. That home was closed down due to not being run properly. My son was assigned to another sober living home in Spring Valley, and he went AWOL a lot there and was assigned to another sober living community that used to be a motel in El Cajon where he attempted suicide again and ended up in Paradise Valley hospital for a while. He was then put into Crestview in Fallbrook. He was there for two years locked in. I continued to request they place him back into Changing Options SD, Inc. because he did his best recovery work while there. They finally returned him to Changing Options SD, Inc. in Ramona recently and he has been doing really well since there. However he did go AWOL a few times at first before he finally settled in and was moved to the D street house where he has his own room again. He is mentally recovering well since being there and starting to see his worth again. Thank you for your excellent program at Changing Options SD, Inc. in Ramona.


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